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Selection of Recent Reviews

Bombay Nite - Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

am0042411 - 22nd Sep 2017

I was here for Dinner with my wife on 22nd Sep 2017. We entered the restaurant around 1945 and there were just 2 tables out of perhaps 30 odd, that were occupied by guests. The manager/owner was of South Asian origin. The moment we entered the manager rudely asked what do we want, later he repeatedly said 'ask me first before entering', I was taken aback as never has anyone asked like that in a restaurant as usually restaurant owners ask something like - 'how can I help you'. I thought this question might be related to him thinking if we wanted to Dine in or takeaway so I ignored it at first. Then I told him politely we are here for Dinner. He took us to a small table with just two seats and immediately left us to ourselves. Since we had jackets and my wife was carrying a rather heavy purse and the restaurant had more than 30 odd vacant tables, we decided instead to sit in the next table with four chairs. Once we were seated the manager shoutingly came towards us and rudely asked how come we sat on the table with four chairs, on this I politely pointed to the two occupied tables where couples were seated and those two also were four chaired tables. He then repeated his same sentence 'Ask me first' before moving. This really was testing my patience now, I raised my eyebrows and then shockingly the manager told us that we need to sit in the two chaired table or 'Ask me before changing once again'. I was getting angry which was evident on my face then to my surprise he directly said 'We can even go out of the restaurant'. I and my wife both expressed displeasure in front of the other guests pointing to the rudeness of the manager and went out of the restaurant. Even the guests sitting the restaurant already looked shocked.

In service industry the rule always is 'Customer is GOD', but seriously doubt if this resturant does any good business at all.

I am myself originally from Bombay (Mumbai) and can confirm that this manager cannot be from Bombay at all, but is just using the name as his restaurant name to attract White people to the restaurant. I strongly recommend everyone to never go to the restaurant ever especially my fellow Indians and South Asians!!

Minus 10 starts!

Burger King - Morecambe, Lancashire

garrylloyd - 30th Aug 2016

my experience at burger king Morecambe tonight was
Disgusting.preparation side of shop filthy
Food all over floor staff walking on it.Service just
So bad can't go into it ,drinks machine mostly empty
Order wrong when got home and cold and little of it
Dreadful start to anew shop I would of thought with all
The hype of a massive chain like this and experience
They have this is shocking.If it intends to stay
Things will have to change.felt so let down.
Garry Lloyd email

Burger King - Runcorn, Cheshire

Paulie - 8th Apr 2015

Burger King in Runcorn is really really bad cold food and rude staff .you will also get blocked in on the way out .so sorry McDonald's your service has always been fantastic will never go Burger King again I promise

Dolphin Restaurant The - Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire

HungryErn - 16th Sep 2014

Went last Friday evening with my wife and grandson. Excellent service (from Alex) and probably the best haddock I have ever had - crisp on the outside, moist on the inside just as it should be. Prices reasonable as well.

Afrikana Restaurant - Walsall, West Midlands

mooky777 - 9th Nov 2013


Bamboo Gardens - Lytham St Annes, Lancashire

leslie - 3rd Aug 2013

i have eaten in chinese all over contry. were did you get your chef? absolutly brill, 10 out of 10. will defo eat here again.

Beefeater Steakhouse The - Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

NickH - 7th Jul 2013

This restaurant was recommended by friends. I had never heard of it, and couldn't even picture it - even though the location meant I must have passed by it dozens of times. As the previous review here demonstrates, if you take a look at reviews on t'interweb it proves very interesting reading. Just what exactly was being recommended here? I'm not sure I've ever seen so many one star reviews, but if anything that just made me more intrigued to check the restaurant out. It would be either Man vs Food, or Man vs Food Poisoning.

On arrival, I was completely surprised before even entering. How the heck had I never even noticed this place? Talk about unassuming - this was invisible! Also, the name hardly gives any indication of what is inside. Who ever heard of a Greek taverna called the Beefeater? You really can't judge a book by its cover though, and nor (for that matter) from what it looks like internally - though it seems many of the reviews have done just this. I entered, and was totally disappointed at first. Not because it didn't look good, or because it looked dated, or because it was filthy. These, after all, were what I was almost expecting, given the previous reviews. To me, it just looked like any Greek taverna I have frequented in Cyprus or the Greek Islands - not so much dated, as timeless. And certainly not filthy. Simple yes, but very clean.

The menu had the expected meals, and I was torn between choosing the kleftiko, the stifado, the dolmades, or the moussaka. In the end, I went for the moussaka and my wife went for the kleftiko. For starters, she chose the tzatziki, and I went for the hoummus and bastourma. The starters were so reasonably priced, it seemed silly not to try a couple. In fact, after finishing the main, I went for another starter (the dolmades) before dessert!

The food is actually really, really good. I didn't think it was particularly oily at all (as some reviews stated). The bastourma was in oil, but that's pretty much the nature of the beast! I chose the hoummus because it has a couple of bad reviews, but it's as good as any hoummus I've ever had - and certainly better than anything you will buy from a supermarket! Not only is the food really, really good, but it's really good value for money. As a comparison for the value for money, we dined at a pub today where one starter cost more than twice the price of two starters at the Beefeater, and was a smaller portion. (It didn't taste as good either...)

The service is also very good. In fact, it was great throughout. The waiter (the owner/chef's son) was attentive without being intrusive, and was very genial and friendly. His humour was appreciated at our table, and by the end of the meal we had built up quite a rapport. While we were one of only two tables when we started our meal, the restaurant was filling up by the time we finished. When you think about it, for a restaurant to stay in business for the good three decades or so that previous reviews suggest it has, then the food and service has to be better than the one star reviews suggest. Either that, of those one star reviews are made by diners who are actually trying to keep one of Bury's best kept secrets to themselves.

This may well have been the first time I have visited, but it will certainly not be the last - and I will be recommending this restaurant too.

Rules Restaurant - London, London West End

LauraJane - 16th Jun 2013

Rules is one of the oldest restaurants in London. The decor is something really special and you feel you are stepping back in time, However I wish the same could be said of their food.My mother and I had the Haddock and Chips. It was grey in colour and was not edible. When the plates were cleared away we wasn't even asked if the food was okay. My friend and his mother had the sea-bass for their main meal and that looked more like a starter. I didn't want to complain on the day as being with friend's I didn't want to cause an awkward situation.The food is really over-priced. I wrote a letter to the manager four weeks ago complaing and I have not heard bAck. I found this really bad manners and example of very poor customer service. I would not recommend this restaurant and will not be visiting there again.!! Be warned poor food and over-priced!!

Amaya - London, London South West

chrismcdonald - 15th Jun 2013

Had a wonderful lunch with family…The sophisticated Indian grills, seasoned with subtle complex marinades are simply awesome.

Amaya - London, London South West

sallyellis - 14th Jun 2013

The ambience at Veeraswamy is gracious, buzzing with vivacious chatter of happy people enjoying great food. Complete value for money!