Sweet And Sour Spareribs - Chinese Recipe (Starter)

Leaves of Cabbage 6
White Radish 1/2 lb
White Vinegar 1/2 tablespoon
Pepper 1/8 tablespoon
Sesame Oil 1 teaspoon
Shredded Ginger Root 1 tablespoon Carrots 2 oz
Hot Red Peppers 2
Wood Ears 2 tablespoon
Recipe Method
1 Rinse the cabbage Use a sharp knife to cut into and around the core of the cabbage Place the whole cabbage in boiling water use chopsticks to separate the leaves from the core Remove and plunge them into cold water; drain thoroughly Cut out the length of the stems
2 Peel the white radish and shred it Add 1 teaspoons salt to soften the radish; let it stand for 10 minutes then drain Squeeze out excess water Add vinegar, sugar pepper and sesame oil and the ginger root; mix thoroughly
3 Peel and shred the carrot; add a little salt to soften it Slice the peppers
4 Place two slices of pepper, a portion of white radish and carrot in the middle of each half of cabbage leaf Wrap filling like an egg roll cut each roll in half Sprinkle chopped wood ear on the open ends place the rolls on a serving plate and serve