Bosham Inn Beefeater Restaurant The (British)

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Bosham Inn Beefeater Restaurant The (British)

Tel: 01243 575027
Main Rd
west sussex
PO18 8PW
PO18 8PW


m shone - 05-08-2008

An hours wait for lunch, poor service, overcooked food, ten minutes waiting to pay the bill and part of the order arriving after everyone had finished eating. A memorable visit for all the wrong reasons!

Mrs G Boyd - 18-07-2008

We visited the Bosham Inn Bosham W. Sussex at lunch time on Tuesday 15th July. The service was desultory to say the least. We were forgotten as the waitress had to ask again what it was we were waiting for (she suddenly realised that the table next to us had been served with a meal and that the occupants had come in after us!) One drink was forgotten about and we had to attract attention to get it. When our meal did come mine, of battered haddock and chips had obviously been kept warm (the peas were dried on the surface and the batter was soggy not crisp), another's char grilled chicken breast was too hard to cut and chew. Why chicken is char grilled anyway is beyond me as it dries up and is virtually inedible. Chicken should be moist not dry. The salmon was good as was the burger. I suppose 2 out of 4 for quality wasn't horrendous but we wouldn't recommend a visit to our friends.

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