Badgers Set (International)

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Badgers Set (International)

Tel: 01562 883120
Birmingham Rd
west midlands


kumala14 - 28-09-2011

first of all may i say that i haver never done this but i felt i had to having not visited the badgers set for a couple of years i decided to take my m other of 81years old the waitress i must sat went oout of her way to make us feel welcome and at ease my mother and husband orderd the 10oz rump steak medium cooked i ordered grilled salmon when the meal came i must say mine was perfect but when my husband and mother put the knife into the steak well leather would have been a good name for it the waitress came to ask if the meals were ok my husband hesitated i said tell them if you dont how can they put it right she imediately took both meals for exchange and explained they were going to change supplier of the meats she returned with two new meals and the steaks were worse than the first my mother said sorry but i cant eat the steak its unedible can you wrap it for the dog and ordered two puddings the waitress appologised and said the puddings were on the house althought that was nice of them never once did the manager come over to appoligise he thought the puddngs were enought to offer so my husband and 81 years old mother had litterally chips and flat mushroom and tomato for the main meal costing 21.98 I AM REALLY DISGUSTED that the manager sent the waitress to do hid dirty work hence to say we wont be going there again

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