Memsaab (Indian)

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Memsaab (Indian)

Tel: 0115 9570009
12-14 Maid Marian Way


M Higgs - 16-12-2007

This was the most outrageous and disappointing display of bad customer service and quality of food I have currently experienced. Their wonderful Goan fish curry was a few bland mushy pieces of white fish in a murky thin watery sauce, the pilia rice was greasy and hard. The price extortionate, the experience so embarrassing for the party of us I think we all ate in stunned British acceptance silence. I feel abused and the recipient of a restaurant trying to turn a fast buck. Never again and for the first time I'm driven to warn others don't bother.

C Frank Jackson - 06-05-2007

The restaurant is spacious with well separated tables but the place is NOISY with too many hard surfaces that reflect rather than absorb sound. It clearly, caters for large parties, evidenced by several long tables, one accommodating a gaggle of excited young women, possibly Kwik Save's girl's night out! Not the place for a quiet romantic dinner or dinner time conversation with friends. You literally have to raise your voice to make the person sitting across the table from you hear what you're saying. Little wonder, the waiters twice misheard the order and brought the incorrect item or number of items to the table! In my view, the quality of the food is good, quantity fair, presentation very good, service satisfactory and price a little excessive. The biggest gripe though is that it's too noisy to enjoy the meal in a relaxed atmosphere.

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