Bombay Nite (Indian)

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Bombay Nite (Indian)

Tel: 01493 331383
25a King St
Great Yarmouth
NR30 2NZ
NR30 2NZ


am0042411 - 22-09-2017

I was here for Dinner with my wife on 22nd Sep 2017. We entered the restaurant around 1945 and there were just 2 tables out of perhaps 30 odd, that were occupied by guests. The manager/owner was of South Asian origin. The moment we entered the manager rudely asked what do we want, later he repeatedly said 'ask me first before entering', I was taken aback as never has anyone asked like that in a restaurant as usually restaurant owners ask something like - 'how can I help you'. I thought this question might be related to him thinking if we wanted to Dine in or takeaway so I ignored it at first. Then I told him politely we are here for Dinner. He took us to a small table with just two seats and immediately left us to ourselves. Since we had jackets and my wife was carrying a rather heavy purse and the restaurant had more than 30 odd vacant tables, we decided instead to sit in the next table with four chairs. Once we were seated the manager shoutingly came towards us and rudely asked how come we sat on the table with four chairs, on this I politely pointed to the two occupied tables where couples were seated and those two also were four chaired tables. He then repeated his same sentence 'Ask me first' before moving. This really was testing my patience now, I raised my eyebrows and then shockingly the manager told us that we need to sit in the two chaired table or 'Ask me before changing once again'. I was getting angry which was evident on my face then to my surprise he directly said 'We can even go out of the restaurant'. I and my wife both expressed displeasure in front of the other guests pointing to the rudeness of the manager and went out of the restaurant. Even the guests sitting the restaurant already looked shocked. In service industry the rule always is 'Customer is GOD', but seriously doubt if this resturant does any good business at all. I am myself originally from Bombay (Mumbai) and can confirm that this manager cannot be from Bombay at all, but is just using the name as his restaurant name to attract White people to the restaurant. I strongly recommend everyone to never go to the restaurant ever especially my fellow Indians and South Asians!! Minus 10 starts!

sarah - 02-09-2007

This is the best place for good food in yarmouth. service is excellent and the menu has a wide range of delicous food me and my boyfriend come here on regular occasions. The staff are so friendly. I would definitly reccommend this indian to everyone as they cater for all palets

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