Tandoori Nights (Indian)

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Tandoori Nights (Indian)

Tel: 01277 262679
29 Hutton Rd
CM15 8JU
CM15 8JU


dave Paul - 13-10-2007

I am worried about the standards of the food served and possibly re-served in the above named restaurant in Hutton Road, Shenfield. I picked up a takeaway this evening that was stone cold so I cannot be sure how long it could have been standing for as it took 1 hour from ordering. when i tasted the food and phoned to complain they told me that this was not possible, which i just could not get my head around as an answer. Anyhow, they then explained that they would only provide me with a refund if I, and I quote, \"Bring their food back for the kitchens\". I therefore was forced to bring back to the restaurant my plates with the food on them which they took through to the kitchens! This does not seem to be in order in terms of hygiene to serve old cold food as a takeaway and then to take my plates back through into the kitchens with the food to be taken off the plates and quite possibly reheated and re-used. Since eating a couple of mouth fulls of the cold food before I drove it back my wife has been violently sick.

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