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The Coterie Retaurant (International)

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Victoria - 19-10-2008

I am still very upset by the last experience i had at The Coterie ! I had the most beautiful meal but unfortunetely another diner who i was with did not have such a pleasant experience. Her main course was sent back as it wasn't as she imagined it to be. She made no great fuss and was offered an alternative meal by a very digruntled waitress. She said she would rather not as the remaining diners meals where already on the table.The waitress said she would speak to the management and get back to us.The evening went ok. The wine was flowing and although we had to wait quite some time in between each course we where having a lovely evening. The bill arrived with th meal that we had sent back and to our disbelief it appeared on the bill. Still, no member of management come to our table . . .so we payed the bill subtracting the cost of the meal that was returned. AGAIN we waited to see if any head member of staff would speak to us with regards to this . . . .nothing. So we called a cab and where heading home. As we where leaving i could really not believe my ears when the manageress became very defensive with regards to the meal that was cooked by her husband (Chef). Quite a scene was made in front of other diners and other members of staff also joined in the conversation. I found the behaviour of the staff quite agressive and the whole experience for myself was quite upsetting. I have dined in many restaurants throughout the UK for both business and pleasure and i feel i have never been given such bad customer service in all my life. It is such ashame really as had that incedent not occurred i have would have booked for myself and my friends to return for our Christmas meal !

Mr S Mcloughlin - 18-07-2007

We booked for my Daughters 18th Birthday a table of 9. The meal was awful the staff where really rude and we waited what seemed like an age to get served. We where pushed in the corner of the restaurant for no apparent reason, so the staff could only serve us from one side, really bad. We where asked did we want desserts or coffee, and we replied no, so was then asked by the waitress did we want the bill? All my party could not believe what the waitress had just said to us. I brought my Daughter a Birthday cake and asked the staff could they bring it out after the meal We had to ask 3 times for the cake, and finally it arrived, just to be virtually thrown onto the table infront of my Daughter. The waitress then just walked away without any aknowledgement whatsoever. The Coterie ruined what was supposed to be a special occasion. I tried to speak to a senior member of staff on the night but was unable to speak to anybody. We left the restaurant and I told the waitress that we would never use The Coterie again and was told that, 'THAT IS YOUR POROGATIVE'. What a way to treat customers who have just spent £250 in your establishment!!

Anthony Kidd - 06-03-2006

We would like to say a big thank you for inviting us back after the Valentine’s Day fiasco. We would like to say that this time it was a pleasure, we felt like VIP’s. Service was wonderful as was the food we both really enjoyed the evening and made up for Valentine’s Day. From the moment we arrived to the moment we left, hospitality was superb and the food quite delicious. I try kidneys to start for the first time, and my taste buds really enjoyed the adventure, followed by a melody of fish in a Lemon sauce very nice. My wife had a equally lovely Goats cheese salad followed by a Rib eye, finished with a home made Cheese cake, which she loved. I know that Valentine’s Day is not your normal night at a restaurant, and was very pleased to be invited for dinner on the house, to prove that indeed the praise I had heard about your restaurant was true, and indeed it seems it is. So thank you very much again.

Anthony Kidd - 15-02-2006

What can I say service, food everything just awful Valentine’s Day 2006. What is meant to be the most romantic evening or day of the year turned into a disaster. We had our table booked for 8.30, finally where seated at 9.10 order was taken around 8.50 so why at 9.35ad no food arrived not even a bread roll, after I complained 9.45 food arrived. We did appreciate the complementally bottle of wine, but we could no drink it, as had a few drinks whilst waiting so long for our table and had a bottle of wine already while waiting for our food. So had to ask for a cork and take the bottle home. When the meal finally arrived, starter was ok, soup lovely, but then the main course came disaster strikes again. I have copied the description from the web site Steak “Medium Well Cooked through with no traces of pink but with some juices retained” The steak my wife ordered was dry as a bone and tough, no juices retained. I had the Duck also very dry. That was it for us, we paid the bill and left. £80 for what should have been lovely meal in a new restaurant for us, romance, but no, and we where not the only ones, as I was paying the bill another couple complaining, there night ruined as well.

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