Beefeater Steakhouse The (British)

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Beefeater Steakhouse The (British)

Tel: 01284 754224
27 Angel Hill
Bury St Edmunds
IP33 1UZ
IP33 1UZ


NickH - 07-07-2013

This restaurant was recommended by friends. I had never heard of it, and couldn't even picture it - even though the location meant I must have passed by it dozens of times. As the previous review here demonstrates, if you take a look at reviews on t'interweb it proves very interesting reading. Just what exactly was being recommended here? I'm not sure I've ever seen so many one star reviews, but if anything that just made me more intrigued to check the restaurant out. It would be either Man vs Food, or Man vs Food Poisoning. On arrival, I was completely surprised before even entering. How the heck had I never even noticed this place? Talk about unassuming - this was invisible! Also, the name hardly gives any indication of what is inside. Who ever heard of a Greek taverna called the Beefeater? You really can't judge a book by its cover though, and nor (for that matter) from what it looks like internally - though it seems many of the reviews have done just this. I entered, and was totally disappointed at first. Not because it didn't look good, or because it looked dated, or because it was filthy. These, after all, were what I was almost expecting, given the previous reviews. To me, it just looked like any Greek taverna I have frequented in Cyprus or the Greek Islands - not so much dated, as timeless. And certainly not filthy. Simple yes, but very clean. The menu had the expected meals, and I was torn between choosing the kleftiko, the stifado, the dolmades, or the moussaka. In the end, I went for the moussaka and my wife went for the kleftiko. For starters, she chose the tzatziki, and I went for the hoummus and bastourma. The starters were so reasonably priced, it seemed silly not to try a couple. In fact, after finishing the main, I went for another starter (the dolmades) before dessert! The food is actually really, really good. I didn't think it was particularly oily at all (as some reviews stated). The bastourma was in oil, but that's pretty much the nature of the beast! I chose the hoummus because it has a couple of bad reviews, but it's as good as any hoummus I've ever had - and certainly better than anything you will buy from a supermarket! Not only is the food really, really good, but it's really good value for money. As a comparison for the value for money, we dined at a pub today where one starter cost more than twice the price of two starters at the Beefeater, and was a smaller portion. (It didn't taste as good either...) The service is also very good. In fact, it was great throughout. The waiter (the owner/chef's son) was attentive without being intrusive, and was very genial and friendly. His humour was appreciated at our table, and by the end of the meal we had built up quite a rapport. While we were one of only two tables when we started our meal, the restaurant was filling up by the time we finished. When you think about it, for a restaurant to stay in business for the good three decades or so that previous reviews suggest it has, then the food and service has to be better than the one star reviews suggest. Either that, of those one star reviews are made by diners who are actually trying to keep one of Bury's best kept secrets to themselves. This may well have been the first time I have visited, but it will certainly not be the last - and I will be recommending this restaurant too.

xtiffyxx - 01-08-2010

AVOID AT ALL COSTS. we got there and were the only ones, it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop! we wondered straight away if it was a good idea as it doesnt look good when there is nobody else in there! a young girl took our orders. i ordered a bottle of sparkling wine and the older woman poured it for us, whilst doing so she stood on my bag and kicked it as it was in her way. my other half heard the keys in it jingle so moved it before she broke something and she said "thats better now i can pour the drink" unfortunately i didnt see or hear this or i would have said something!! my dad and boyfriend had beer and both were warm. the young waitress brought their drinks over and spilled some of my dads, to which she said "shit!" then tried to cover it up with an "oops!". we got our starters quickly. i had prawn cocktail. the prawns were okay but the sauce on it was gross and a funny colour. mum had greek salad she said it was okay but only got 1 olive. my boyfriend got ox tail soup which was boiling hot so he couldnt eat it straight away. he got nothing with it so had to ask for a bread roll. that came very quickly so had obviously been sitting about. we all finished ours and my boyfriend was still eating yet the young waitress was told to clear our table as our mains was on the counter ready. we found this VERY rude. he didnt bother eating the rest of the soup. i tried it and it was gross anyway. we got our mains straight away. i had scampi. with chips and mushrooms (which you have to pay extra for.. anything you have with it @ 1.70) the scampi was burnt and thats all i could taste. the chips were anemic. as were the mushrooms.. and tasteless! needless to say i only had a few mouthfuls. my boyfriend and dad had sirloin (had asked for T bone but the young waitress said they were off. not sure if she meant gone off or off the menu??) it was around 15 then they had to pay 1.70 per item for anything they wanted with it, which the menu does not tell you. so had they have not picked other things, would have got a plate with just a slab of meat on it. once they'd picked things you'd usually get with a steak, it come to well over 20. they both said the steak was alright. we asked for a ketchup and the old woman took it straight after we'd used it, without asking if we'd finished with it which we didnt like either. and they stood just watching us the whole time which we found very uncomfortable as they were only a meter away, if that. my boyfriend asked me about reviews on the place. as they were standing so close and watching our every move they obviously heard and started talking about us and saying "oh now we're gonna get bad reviews". also the young girl and the chef bloke seemed to have a problem with each other and he seemed very funny towards her. it was also uncomfortably hot in there. after fanning myself throughout most of my meal the young waitress finally put a fan on but it didnt make alot of difference. we will NEVER be returning there. the staff are RUDE and the food is absolutely apauling for the prices they have on them!!! AVOID AT ALL COSTS, YOU'D ENJOY MCDONALDS MORE EVEN IF YOU DONT LIKE IT!!

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