Bright golden colour, with an obvious soft and creamy Chardonnay aroma. In the mouth there are hints of almonds and apples, quite full bodied with a good fruity flavour and fresh finish.
Award-winning Champagne with the unique label

Golden-yellow Champagne with a matching label, Veuve Clicquot is a Pinot Noir-dominated Champagne from the historic House which was founded in 1772. An assertive, powerful Champagne with a fine, persistent mousse, it has aromas of hawthorn flowers and fresh bread with a lingering finish of apples and pears. Winner of numerous prestigious awards.
Straw-yellow colour quality Champagne with reflections of gold. The nose is fresh with touches of vanilla and there is an abundance of fine persistent bubbles. The palate is rounded with toasty overtones.
A soft and well rounded Champagne that exhibits typical attractive brioche aromas with hints of red fruits and citrus. The extended maturation on the lees gives a supple balance, with a hint of minerality that makes this wine a classic example of regional terroir. A persistent mousse, it is round and full in the mouth, with hints of vanilla and biscuits.
A ´methode cuve close´ (or naturally fermented in vat) sparkling Chardonnay, Colombard and Ugni Blanc blend. Elegant in the glass, with small bubbles and a pale golden colour. Crisp and fruity with melon and apple flavours, well balanced with a freshness on the palate.
This sparkling shows a palid-yellow color with silver glints, and very fine and persistent bubbles. To the nose is fruity, elegant and very complex, featuring distinctive toasted bread and smoky aromas. The mouth-feel is also fruity, with excellent acidity, good body and a long finish.
This sparkling Torrontés presents a youthful and appealing lemon colour with green tinges. Fresh and fruity on the nose, the aroma is delicate with amazing flowery notes. The natural sweetness is complemented by zesty and refreshing acidity.
Vibrant pink colour with tiny persistent bubbles. On the nose, delicate ripe red fruits and complex yeasts aromas. In the mouth, dry, fruity, fresh, with good body and persistent aftertaste.
Well known Champagne with the famous Black Label. Universally appreciated this is a classic that embodies the character of a great house. Brilliant golden straw colour with glints of amber. An expressive aroma of springtime scents, and hints of toast and honey precede lively ripe fruit flavours and a vibrant citrus finish on the palate.
Pure colour with pale salmon touches, followed by aromas of roses and red fruit on the nose. Well rounded and fresh on the palate, this Champagne has harmonious balance and good length on the finish.
This vintage Blanc de Noirs uses Pinot Noir grapes from the Premier Cru rated vineyard in the village of Bisseuil in the Montagne de Reims, contributing power and body. Shows the deep golden tints characteristic of Pinot Noir matured for long years in the cellars. Abundant, long lasting mousse and astonishingly fine bubbles. Hints of toasty vanilla and dried fruits are combined with an elegant finish.
Produced entirely from their Grand Cru Chardonnay vineyard in the village of Chouilly, in the Côte des Blancs. Only made in exceptional years, this Champagne has loads of aroma, a touch of ripe honey and brioche in the fruity flavour. Beautifully structured with an elegant and long finish.
Produced entirely from their Grand Cru Chardonnay vineyard in the village of Chouilly, one of only seventeen villages given Grand Cru status in the Côte des Blancs. Golden yellow in colour, with very fine bubbles and a delicate foam. Floral nose, full of freshness and rich aromas. Fresh, light, elegant and well balanced on the palate.
This is an elegant Champagne with a dominance of Grand Cru Chardonnay from the Côte des Blancs providing soft nutty flavour with fine bubbles and a fruity nose. It is fresh, light, lively and well balanced on the palate with a long satisfying flavour.
Aged for a minimum of three years in the cellars, this is Champagne in its purest form, as there is no added dosage. Golden tints and fine, long-lasting bubbles are followed with light aromas of white fruit offering great finesse. Fresh and delicate on the palate.
Presented in a distinctive bottle which was inspired by King Henry IV of France, Laurent Perrier Rose is fresh on the nose and displays a delightful concoction of small berry fruits; strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants. The pretty light salmon colour results from the red grape skins being left on the wine for up to three days (a technique called ‘saignee’). This Champagne is lively and well-rounded with a fine, delicate mousse and a long finish.
Pale gold in colour with a delicate and complex nose, with hints of citrus and white fruits. Fresh and easy on the palate, with full flavours, plenty of fruit, good balance and length.
This is rich, powerful Champagne from an exceptional ´mono cru´ producer using Pinot Noir grapes from the Grand Cru village of Mailly, just south of Reims, with the addition of 25% Grand Cru Chardonnay. It is flowery and biscuity on the nose with vanilla, mineral and fresh bread flavours on a complex palate.
A brilliant, burnished golden colour and exceptionally fine, delicate effervescence. The nose has all the intensity of a great vintage with refined, complex notes of pears, nectarines, mandarins and almonds made complex with toasted brioche and dried fruit. On the palate, flavours of ripe fruits are supported by a lovely mineral edge combining smoothness and fullness with distinction and purity. There is an exceptional persistance on the finish with a myriad of fresh fruit and citrus notes.
This is a delightful salmon pink Champagne from an exceptional ´mono cru´ producer using 90% Pinot Noir grapes and 10% Chardonnay, only from the Grand Cru village of Mailly, just south of Reims. This prestige rose is made by the technique known as ´saignee´ or bleeding of the juice rather than the simple addition of red wine used for the vast majority of rose Champagnes. It has an elegant summer fruits bouquet followed by strawberry and mineral nuances on the palate. This is very fine rose Champagne.