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Know the Best Chinese Restaurants in Newcastle, UK

8th Sep 2011

Newcastle located in the northeastern part of England is a thriving tourist destination. Thousands of tourists always throng this place because of its tourist attractions. Newcastle is also home to several restaurants for the tourists ranging from budget eateries to plush restaurants where you receive a five star treatment. Restaurants serving dishes from various parts of the world can be found in Newcastle. If you are from China or you simply enjoy the Chinese cuisine, you have come to the right place. Newcastle is home to some of the finest Chinese restaurants in UK. Just take a look at this article and you will come to know the places to visit.

Mangos is one of the finest Chinese restaurants in Newcastle. Enjoy the sumptuous Chinese spread in a nice oriental ambiance. Special menus are available for banquets and different occasions like Christmas. Food is accompanied with the choicest of wines in this restaurant. They also have a special selection Dim Sum for the guests. Some of the most popular dishes include Sizzling Chicken in Cantonese Sauce, Aromatic Duck served with Pancakes, Spring Onions, Cucumber & Hot Sin Sauce,Curry Parcels, Crispy Wan Tons, Crispy Spring Rolls and King Prawns with Ginger and Spring Onions.

Mandarin is a family run restaurant serving fresh and delicious Chinese food to the people. It is located in the China Town of Newcastle and has been there since a long time. Some of the top draws include Dragon and Phoenix Soup, Aromatic Duck, Cashew Chicken, Chilli and Salt King Prawn and 8 Treasure Tofu. They also serve vegetarian dishes to the guests. They have recently introduced a Thai section as well.

The Palace Garden is an award winning Chinese restaurant in Newcastle. They specialize in preparing Szechuan dishes and the food is of extremely high quality apart from being mouth watering. The interior décor of this restaurant is stunning and they have separate party facilities as well. When you enter you will be immediately welcomed at the bar area where you can not only see their vast and varied menu but also sample some prawn delicacies. Some of the choicest of dishes include Stir Fried Beef and Green Pepper served with Black Bean Sauce or Mixed Mushroom, Deep Fried Chicken with Plum Sauce, Barbeque Pork ‘Char Siu' and do not forget to try the Chinese Tea after food.

Dragon is one of the most popular Chinese restaurants located on Barrack Road. It is famous for impeccable hospitality and delicious food. This place apart from hosting usual parties also facilitates corporate dinners and parties. The menu offers a wide range of Chinese delicacies which include Dim Sum, soups, steamed, baked and fried chicken and meat preparations.