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A Slice of Greek World in Brighton

6th Sep 2011

Greeks have always been the pioneer in every aspect of life. They have been one of the most progressive civilizations all over the world. The same applies to their cuisine. The Greeks prepare delicious, healthy food and are never afraid of experimenting with it. Whether it is delicious hummus or kokoretsi Greek preparations have always been lauded around the world. Brighton in UK is home to some of the best restaurants in entire UK and perhaps the world. It is reckoned as the food hub of the world. The good news is Brighton has a formidable number of restaurants specializing in particular cuisines from the world.
There are quite a few restaurants in Brighton serving delicious Greek cuisine to the people.

ESTIA is one of the primary restaurants serving up Greek delicacies to the guests. It is a family run restaurant and is ideal for every purpose from romantic dining to group dining. They provide catering service for wedding and also have facilities for private parties. Take away facility is also available. Apart from excellent salads, the restaurant offers King Prawn Skewers with Village Salad and Rice, Pork Souvlaki with rice, Halloumi, Stifado and Kleftiko. Delectable dishes and amiable service will make you feel like home at ESTIA.

Archipelagos is a traditional Greek restaurant in Brighton serving delicious Greek food. Flawless service, great ambiance and mouth watering dishes make a deadly combination which will definitely allure you to the restaurant. Their menus are divided into lunch, mezedakia, meze, main meals and desserts. Their wine list is enviable. Some of the most delicious preparations include Moussaka, Mydopilafe, Stifado, Grilled Lamb Chops and Schnitzel. They have both vegetarian and non vegetarian options. Wind up the course with finger licking Greek desserts which include Metaxa, Halva or Greek Yogurt.

Aphrodite Taverna - the restaurant which draws its name from the Greek God of beauty and love serves authentic Greek cuisine in Brighton with lots of love to the guests. Visit Aphrodite and be greeted warmly by the co-owner of the restaurant and the wife of the chef. The treatment will make you feel like a star. Aphrodite Taverna serves both vegetarian and non vegetarian food. The meat meze they serve is one of the best in Brighton. The other dishes include Greek regular ones like Quails and Fillet Steaks, Klefitico and Stifado. The fish preparations are absolutely delicious and lip smacking. Aphrodte Taverna remains open from Monday to Saturday from 12 in the noon to 11:45 at night.
Hence, there is no dearth of Greek restaurants in Brighton. Visit the one that is easily accessible and enjoy the food.