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Two of the Best Hawaiian Restaurants in London

4th Sep 2011

Being one of the oldest cities in the world, London has seen many changes through out the times in history. The city has been a silent witness of different cultures coming and settling down while maintaining a peaceful harmony. Today, people from almost every corner of the world can be found in London more or less.

People from other countries not only brought their culture and tradition with them but also their unique delicacies and cuisines. While we have talked about the famous cuisines like French, Italian, Indian and Moroccan, today we would be talking about not so famous but definitely worth tasting Hawaiian cuisine.

Though there are not many Hawaiian restaurants in London, but there are some really good joints that serves authentic and eclectic Hawaiian cuisine.

Kua ‘Aina
One such Hawaiian restaurant that we will be discussing in this article is called Kua ‘Aina. Basically, Kua ‘Aina is a chain of restaurant that has branches in other countries like Honolulu, Haleiwa and Tokyo apart from its London branch. Kua ‘Aina of London happens to be the first Hawaiian restaurant among the other Hawaiian restaurants in the United Kingdom. The main restaurant of Kua‘Aina is the first and original restaurant on the North Shore constructed in the year 1975.

In Hawaii, Kua ‘Aina used to serve authentic Hawaiian dishes like charcoal grilled sandwiches and popular burgers to the tourists as well as the locals for more than thirty five years. After the opening of Kua ‘Aina in London it became quite a hit among the Londoners too. The restaurant specializes in serving lip smacking burgers. You get a whole range of tasty burgers, including classic burgers, cheese burger, bacon burger, avocado burger, pineapple burger and many more. Other than burgers, you get chargrilled chicken breast with different marinade like teriyaki or rosemary. You can also try the sumptuous chargrilled fish like mahi mahi, ahi tuna steak or ahi avocado.

The second option for your Hawaiian endeavor is Mahiki. Mahiki is located at 1, Dover Street, London. Mahiki is a two storied restaurant and is one of the favorite cocktail destinations in London. With the typical tiki décor inside you get some of the amazing fruit cocktails. Mahiki has started its journey in 2005 and from then it went on to become one of the famous club and bar not only in London but also in the world. So if you are looking for some unusual cocktail destination, visit Mahiki. You will have a good time visiting Mahiki.

Mahiki is one place where you get some of the most exotic cocktails along with Hawaiian menus, dance and music. Some of the refreshing drinks menu includes Jollo Roger, Wheel of Fortune, Poison Chalice, Bikini Blast, Pina Colada, Monkey Brains, London Fog Cutter, Honolulu Honey, Tiki Colada, Tequila Sunset, Good Time Girl, Cabin Boy and the Mermaid and so on.

At Mahiki you get to taste other Hawaiian specialties like chicken caesar salad with croutons, duck confit pancake rolls, chargrilled jumbo shrimps to list a few favorites.