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Moroccan Restaurants in London

1st Sep 2011

Eating out in London can prove to be quite exciting if you are adventurous enough about exploring different kinds of cuisines from different places. Londoners are food lovers and they welcome every kind of cuisine that is delicious as well as creative. The taste and finesse are everything you need to savor a particular cuisine.

If you’re thinking about trying out something spicy and tasty, then you can go for the Moroccan cuisine. Now you might be wondering whether London has Moroccan restaurants where you can find authentic Moroccan cuisine. Well, actually there are quite a number of Moroccan restaurants in London that serves authentic and delicious Moroccan dishes. In order to guide you to some of the most interesting places that you might consider to visit, we have provided two of the all time favorite Moroccan restaurants in London through this article.

Kasbah Restaurant
When you are looking for Moroccan restaurants in London, you will find some interesting places that you would love to visit. One such place is Kasbah Restaurant. It is among one of the finest restaurants in UK. Kasbah Restaurant is located near 73 Venn Street, Clapham, London. This restaurant is a specialist in traditional, authentic and mouth watering Moroccan cuisine. The décor of the Kasbah restaurant is quite typical as an African Restaurant with live music and scintillating belly dancing. If you are willing to throw a party you may contact them for arrangements. They can serve upto 50 people.

While you are at Kasbah, you must try their specialty dishes like Couscous which is steamed semolina specially prepared, popular in all the regions of Morocco. The meat and chicken are served on a bed of couscous and topped with seasonal vegetables and chick-peas sauce, Lamb Brochettes which is grilled lamb cubes on skewers, rice & mixed salad, Chicken Tagine with Vegetables, Spicy Mergaze Sausages Salad and Hummus & Pita which is a dip of mashed chick peas & tahini spiced with olive oil & paprika.

Le Menara
The next Moroccan restaurant in London that serves Moroccan cuisine is the Le Menara. Le Menara is located at 55 Cleveland Street, London. Le Menara is a place that has got a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. You can forget the hustle and bustle of the London daily life and relax with soft Arabic music played in the restaurant. It is a fine diner that serves delicious and authentic Moroccan dishes especially prepared to give an eclectic taste. The soft cushioned sofas give a relaxed feeling when you enter the restaurant.

Some of the specialties that you should try at Le Menara include Shawarma, which is a dish that includes slices of chicken or lamb, marinated in vinegar, onions and spices and grilled on upright spit. Another delicacy is Farruj Meshwi, which is grilled chicken marinated in lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil and served with Morrocan salad and rice. There are many other dishes that you may try. You will love the food and atmosphere.