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Traditional Pubs of London

30th Aug 2011

London, one of the oldest cities in the world is all about tradition, culture, history and aesthetics. With its century old tradition and history, London is a place filled with the essence of past reliving in the present. Starting from the palaces, churches, gardens, streets and buildings, London has maintained a historical charm even in today’s world. Carrying along the history London has some beautiful pubs that are as old as 400 hundred years.

London pubs are quite popular in all over the United Kingdom. These historical pubs have carried along their tradition of hundreds of years and yet they are quite popular among the visitors. Even today historical pubs of London receive a lot of guests who come to experience a distinct charm of these places. Although there are quite a handful of pubs that are traditional, we bring you three most popular and well known traditional pubs of London through this article.

The Spaniards Inn
The Spaniards Inn has to come first in the list of the traditional pubs in London. The Spaniards Inn was built in 1585 over the Finchley Boundary by the Spaniards. The Inn obviously has seen and lived in history when Dick Turpin used to come to this Inn and waited for carriages so that he can rob them.

People say that the Spaniards Inn has been visited by historical legends like John Keats, Lord Byron, and Shelly who must have created couplets and clarets in this inn. Famous novelist Charles Dickens even mentioned The Spaniards Inn in his Paper novel Pickwick. The Spaniards Inn even now continues to satisfy its customers with its delicious La Carta Menus. Now the Inn serves authentic Indian dishes on every Saturdays.

The George Inn
The George Inn is currently under the maintenance of the National Trust. This is the only one galleried coaching pub that has remained in London. The George Inn was built in 1542. It is believed that William Shakespeare has been a guest of this illustrious pub of London, as he used to live and work in Southwark which is nearby. The George Inn is located on the south of the Thames River. The pub has many bars in the ground floor and they serve bar food. The pub also has a restaurant that seats hundred guests and offer A La Carte menus.

The Blue Posts
The third and the last one in this line is The Blue Posts. The Blue Posts was built in 1736 and is located in a Grade II listed building. The Blue Posts is a beautiful pub which is in Carnaby Street. The pub has wonderfully maintained their age old wooden paneling, original fireplaces and ornate windows. The pub is famous in London for real ales and authentic pub food.