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Romantic Dining in Kent

22nd Aug 2011

Kent is well known for its historical palaces, churches, fun filled beaches and beautifully decorated houses and thus it is truly said that Kent is the ‘Garden of England’. If you are planning for a honeymoon in United Kingdom, then you must not miss visiting Kent. Kent in one word is truly wonderful as it offers the couples with the perfect ambience for love birds to have a romantic holiday that they will remember in years to come. Kent also offers some of the most splendid restaurants that are just perfect for a couple in love to spend time enjoying the company of one another.

While there are quite a few restaurants that you can choose from for a romantic date, we give you two most romantic dinning places in Kent. In this article, we will provide you with an idea of two restaurants that can be counted as two of the most romantic restaurants in UK. To start with, we have chosen Chapter One. Yes, that is the name of the restaurant. Chapter One is considered among one of the Top UK restaurants and it has been awarded with one Michelin star and four AA Rosettes.

The décor of Chapter One is contemporary and smart. Thus, while you are out on a diner with your romantic date, Chapter One will offer you the perfect atmosphere to help your love grow. The décor also provides a comfortable and cozy look. The Head Chef here is Andrew McLeish. With his expert team of other chefs Andrew creates some of most loved modern European delicacies for their guests. The wine list at Chapter One goes perfectly with the food served. Some of the worth mentioning delicacies served at Chapter One include Smoked Mackerel Ceviche with Roast Mackerel, Cucumber, Horseradish Mayonnaise & Apple Blossom, Raviolo of Chicken & Tarragon with Morel Mushrooms, Shallot Lyonnaise & Chicken Jus and Salad of Globe Artichokes with Summer Truffles, Green Beans & Jersey Royals.

The next restaurant that we have chosen is The West House. This restaurant is located at 28, High Street, Biddenden, in Kent. The West House restaurant is sited in the quiet village of Biddenden away from the hustle and bustle. The restaurant started in 2002. This is a cozy typical English restaurant with seating arrangements for not more than 32 guests. The owner and master chef Graham Garrett does the cooking himself and Graham’s wife Jackie helps him in taking care of their guests. The West House is a friendly and informal dinning restaurant in Kent. So if you are planning for a romantic yet informal date with your beloved, this is the exact place that you can try. Some of the dinner menu at The West House includes Pigeon Pickled breast, chicken liver mousse, salt baked beetroot, parsley root crisps, Mackerel Grilled fillet, gooseberry and coriander pickled potatoes, carrot purée. Have a great dining experience in Kent!