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Hereford Road - A Notting Hill Delight

16th Aug 2011

While we talk about United Kingdom or Britain as a whole, the first thing that really comes to our mind is elegant palaces, beautiful gardens and ancient churches. But what we do not consider is that, UK is a great place to taste the world cuisine. I generally prefer eating out while I am shopping or traveling. And these are the times I leave no stones unturned to try out different kinds of cuisine in a new atmosphere, at a new locality. While London is the hub for global class restaurants in the country, but you will always find a good restaurant in almost every county of United Kingdom.

Recently I went to a restaurant named Hereford Road. The restaurant is located in an up-market past of West London. The most amazing thing about this UK restaurant is that it is set inside an old Victorian butcher shop. From the very first impression the restaurant gives a clean and uncluttered look.

Situated in the Notting Hill area of London, Hereford Road is among one of the most favored restaurants among the locales here. But I could also find people from different parts of the United Kingdom dinning out in Hereford Road. Located in the posh west London, the eatery has a minimalist and sleek décor and what adds to its uniqueness is the open planned kitchen that certainly creates a dramatic effect to this ever buzzing restaurant.

The main attraction of the Hereford Road is of course Tom Pemberton who was trained under the guidance of Fergus Henderson. Tom Pemberton was the former head chef of St. John Bread and Wine. Hereford Road serves excellent and authentic British cuisine. With the finest of ingredients the chef dishes out some of the most delicious British delicacies.

The most interesting feature of this UK restaurant is its variable menus. The restaurant changes their menu everyday, making it more eclectic and delectable for the guests. They get the best of every season for you. While I was visiting Hereford Road, I tried out some of their best that included loin of Blythburgh pork with swede and greens, braised leg of guinea fowl and buttermilk pudding with rhubarb.

It would be a little weird to visualize an old butcher's shop on a quite street to be turned into an elegant, spacious and modern eatery. My personal opinion for all you food lovers would be to dig in to the wonderful and delightful delicacies at Hereford Road. You will definitely love everything about the place, the food, the ambience and of course the happy faces around you.