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5 Best Romantic Restaurants in London - A Guide

2nd Aug 2011

London is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. If you are planning to come to London with your partner, then it would be recommended to have a list of top romantic restaurants in the city. Starting from a special date or a wedding anniversary or a Valentines night dinner, a romantic birthday treat, romantic restaurants in London will best suit any and every occasion.

When it comes to romantic restaurants in London, you will find several prominent names in business. Interestingly, all of them have a tradition of serving visitors for decades. This article aims at offering you the names of the best romantic restaurants in London considering their level of service, ambiance, comfort, food etc. All of which will be perfect for providing an intimate lunch or a dinner.

La Bouchee
Type of cuisine: French bistro cuisine

La Bouchee is a French bistro that specializes in French bistro cuisine and is always famous among couples. So, always make your bookings ahead. At La Bouchee, you can expect French traditional dishes, including onion soup, escargots, steak béarnaise and so on. You’ll also find out that this candle lit restaurant is always packed in evening with the romantic couples sharing dishes. It would be a great choice for the special occasions.

Blue Elephant
Type of cuisine: Thai

Opened in the year 1986, Blue Elephant enjoys a unique setting. This restaurant has Thai waiting staff wearing their traditional attire. The ambiance of Blue Elephant is that of a tropical jungle with wooden food bridges over pond. You would be served authentic Thai cuisine and the restaurant is also popular with the families for Sunday buffet. However, the evenings are special for the romantic couples.

Type of cuisine: Fusion

One of the major romantic dining rooms of London is Blakes. The lavish decor with the use of leather, bamboo, dark walls, Thai artifacts, cushions, makes the entire ambiance an appealing one for visitors all throughout. You can find a fusion of the ‘east meets west’ cuisine with a wonderful presentation. Expect to find out a wide variety of international dishes with a fine mix of Thai, Italian and Japanese cuisines. This is one place to visit and the main draw will obviously be its exclusivity.

Bleeding Heart
Type of cuisine: British/French

The Bleeding Heart has been voted as the most romantic restaurant in London by Time. This French eatery has a charming appeal located in the heart of the Hatton Garden.

Le Caprice
Type of cuisine: Modern European

Le Caprice is considered as a legend among the most popular London restaurants of all time. Enjoy the sumptuous romantic meal for two at the restaurant. It’s also famous as an ultimate hangout place for the celebrities.