18th May 2011

I often feel bad for new parents who dine out with their little ones; the little angels invariably turn into little devils at restaurants ruining their parentsí meal and that of other guests. I had a similar experience some time back when I took my little niece out for lunch along with a few friends of mine and it was a nightmare. I was quite angry with her, but then I realized it was my fault as I should have picked a better restaurant. Eating out with a kid can be a nightmare, if the restaurant is not chosen well. Once I started to look for UK restaurants that would appeal to kids, I found that there were plenty of them and most of them are very economical.

Banners on the Park Road, Crouch End is just amazing, it offers children free ice cream offers, has a special kids menu, toys, books and crayons. I could peacefully chat with my friend while my niece took a good 15 minutes to go through the menu and then busied herself with colouring. I actually had a good time since the little one was occupied on her own.

Sticky Fingers, is probably one of the most popular restaurants in UK for kids beginning on their journey to be cool. Probably, this restaurant would be a good choice for the older kids who get absolutely fascinated by all the rock and roll memorabilia around. This UK restaurant is close to the Kensington tube and was conceived by the famous rocker, Bill Wyman. It has a friendly atmosphere and serves some really yummy steaks, burgers, ribs and grills. The delicious menu keeps both parents and kids going back for more.

The Hard Rock Café is another restaurant that tweens, who are into rock and roll would love to visit, the place has an amazing staff, who are knowledgeable on the topic. I could see the awed look on the young onesí faces as they stared at the guitars on the walls. Some of them were there primarily to have a good look at the rare Jimmy Hendrix guitar.

If your child is going through a fascination for jungles, then a visit to the Rainforest Café is a must. It is situated at Picaddilly and as the name suggests it has a jungle theme which kids just canít seem to get enough of. If your kid like knights and want to visit the medieval era, The Medieval Banquet in London on East Smithfield is where you must go to but this UK restaurant requires advance booking so it would be best to plan your visit accordingly.