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Feed your body and Mind at London Museum Restaurants

13th May 2011

Often time strapped tourists feel they have to choose between viewing museums and dining experiences. The good news if you are a tourist who has come to UK for a cultural trip, you do not have to compromise. Museum restaurants in UK are a really good and the best way to refuel yourself. Since some really good UK restaurants are situated in museums you can save time on eating and utilizing the extra time to take a walk in one of the many parks.

When I wanted to visit Camden Arts Restaurant, I had brought a sandwich with me for lunch, I knew they had a cafeteria but I didnít have much faith in museum restaurants but when I crossed the restaurant, the food looked really good so I decided to try my luck and thank god I did. The food at the Camden Arts Centre Café was so much better than the sandwich I had packed. Besides sandwich, they offered some delicious homely food, cakes and Italian coffee. If you are a local you might want to visit this café to meet friends instead of a conventional UK restaurant.

The blueprint café situated above the Design Museum on Shad Thames is also one of my favorite museum restaurants in UK. I am extremely fond of this restaurant because of the wonderful view it provides. The café is probably not one of the best restaurants in UK but it does provide a descent range of wine to choose from and the food in general is fine. The Caféís walnut meringue is a must try.

The Rex Wistler restaurant at Tate Britain is a great place if you want to enjoy a nice and proper afternoon tea. The restaurant was designed by Rex Whistler, Tate Britain showcases some very beautiful paintings and the proceeds are used to support the gallery. One can choose between the self service café which offers some light meals, pastries, sandwiches and drinks while the restaurant serves some great food and wine.

If you are a train enthusiast you must visit the London transport Museum and try the inviting Upper Deck Café and Bar, it is situated above the museum and is usually visited by train enthusiasts. The museum is quite popular with young kids and the café offers some great dishes so that you can refuel yourself. Restaurants in UK come in huge variety and museum restaurants are definitely a very interesting type.