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A Glimpse at the Popular Indian Restaurants in UK

13th May 2011

There are hundreds of restaurants in UK offering Indian food and one can easily find a restaurant serving Indian food for almost any budget or occasion. The sheer number of restaurants in UK speaks volumes about the popularity of the cuisine. The variety within the UK restaurants that serves Indian recipes is quite interesting, not only are they available in different price range, but also offer different types of Indian cuisine.

Moti Mahal or the ‘Pearl Palace’ is a place for connoisseurs of Indian Cuisine. The prices at the Moti Mahal are a little steep but online meal deals at lower rates are available which can be checked out at their website. While they offer traditional Indian dishes of different Indian regions, they often experiment to create new dishes to keep the menu fresh. If you want to go to a more affordable UK restaurant offering authentic Indian food, then there are many options like the ‘Five Hot Chillies’. ‘Five Hot Chillies’ is not as sophisticated in décor as the Moti Mahal but their food is worth a try.

The more pocket friendly ‘Dishoom’ on Upper St Martin’s Lane is a bit different from any other UK restaurants serving Indian cuisine. It is inspired by the “Irani’ -style coffee houses of Mumbai. The tiled floors, high ceiling, tables with marble tops and wall mirrors are reminiscent of the ‘Iranian’ cafes, its look is unique for restaurant in unique. The menu lists Bombay favorite ‘Pau-Bhaji’ and has a non-veg cousin ‘Keema-Pau’. Along with the Bombay favorite, it offers other Indian dishes as well.

Dosa n Chutny on Tooting Street is the perfect place for breakfast. For many South Indian food is synonymous with Dosa, Idli, Vada, Sambar and Chutney. These meals are surprisingly affordable costing around three pounds. The Dosas are crisp accompanied by hot Sambhar which is lentil soup and coconut chutneys of two kinds. Though they offer non-vegetarian options, it is best to stick to the vegetarian fare.

Rasa Mudra - South Indian cuisine has some amazing surprises for vegetarians up its sleeve. This chain UK restaurant offers a very different kind of South-Indian food; it specializes in the typical home cooking style of the Nair Caste in Kerala. The menu comprises of cabbage thoran, Moru Kachiathu and many other dishes served with their very own home-styled pickles. This particular cuisine uses more coconut than is common in Indian cuisine and has a very different flavor as compared to the North-Indian Dal and Biryani.