12th May 2011

I love eating outside at restaurants and I like it even better when there is something special along with good food and great service. Recently I came to know about a weeklong festival at The Blue’s Kitchen, High Camden Street. Besides serving amazing food, bourbons and American whiskies, there shall be a lot of blue music to swing to. I heard a friend say that I might even end up learning how to swing dance at the festival. It is going to be on from 29th May till 5th June. The closing day i.e. -5th June is supposed to be really special.

They are offering some great deals on the food as well, if you go early i.e. between six and eight, you can enjoy a starter, cocktail and main for ten pounds only. On the other hand you can share a plate of barbeque ribs, buffalo wings, sweet potato wedges, tortilla chips with dip, pardon peppers and homemade chili with a friend. They are offering a variety of rye whisky which includes Pikesville supreme Rye whiskey. The fare includes Cajun Shrimp, smoked sausage, a seafood special, New Orleans gumbo, grilled king prawn and Cajun rice and many more. They have an absolute yummy spread that might just hit the right spot.

Blue talent performance will include Mud Morganfield, Mark Flanegan, Ian Siegal and Jack Rabbit Slim. It is an interesting blend of upcoming and already popular blues talent which should make an exciting combination and a delightful night. I can’t wait to listen to the blues while sipping some of their good whisky and gorge on the yummy food. I expect this experience to satisfy my tummy and my soul.

There will be some special cocktails on offer as well like the ‘Mudslide’ named after Mud Morganfield, ‘Hillybilly Rock’ named after Jack Rabbit Slim. On May bank holiday you might find me trying to play the blues on the harmonica since there will be free lessons by Captain Bliss (professional teacher). Even if I miss out on the harmonica lessons, I certainly hope I learn to swing like it’s the 50’s. The Swing Patrol will provide a Blues and Swing dance session on 4th June at 4:30. I really hope to groove this party once I learn to swing. They seem to have put in quite a bit of thought into the whole thing so I’m hoping it to be one of my best experiences at a UK restaurant.