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13th Aug 2011

I have been going through various reviews of the London restaurants recently. It amazes me to see so many people can actually volunteer their opinion about their favorite eating joints. While I cannot.... Read more ››

10th Aug 2011

It is believed that the history, geography and climate of England have shaped the typical English cuisines. Interestingly, most meals of England have ancient connections, such as stewed and roasted me.... Read more ››

4th Aug 2011

Enjoyable ambiance, amazing dining, extensive menus and an intimate mood to hang around- these are qualities that you may look for when planning a dinner with your date. London’s stylish restaurants a.... Read more ››

3rd Aug 2011

There are many budget restaurants in London. Discover the places where you can enjoy hearty meals on a reasonable budget without being restricted to the student hangouts and chip shops for a budget al.... Read more ››

18th May 2011

I often feel bad for new parents who dine out with their little ones; the little angels invariably turn into little devils at restaurants ruining their parents’ meal and that of other guests. I had a .... Read more ››

18th May 2011

Few things are as typically English as the tradition of afternoon tea. An afternoon tea is an amazing way to unwind and get refreshed for the rest of the day. Though, an afternoon tea arrangement is e.... Read more ››